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February 21, 2007

Press Release
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California Chooses 3rd Generation Native for Centennial Hunting License

California is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the California Hunting License with a centennial license design; which will be the state's last traditional license and the last of its kind in the country. California is revamping its hunting and fishing license system to come into the 21st century and will issue one last paper license before changing over to an automated license sales system towards the end of the year. Other states have already transitioned to automated license systems.

The 2007-2008 California Hunting License (sample attached) is a retro design bringing to mind the designs of a long past era at the turn of the century. The images, a Tule Elk, a flight of Canadian geese and a pheasant rooster, were produced by artist and third generation Californian, hunter and conservationist, Kevin Pack, also known as K. E. Pack. Kevin has been involved with and produced images for California Ducks Unlimited, San Diego Ocean's Foundation, the Billfish Foundation, International Game Fish Association, Arizona Game and Fish, and many other hunter and conservation organizations. Kevin's work has graced the covers of sporting and conservation magazines and has been used to illustrate articles.

The centennial license will be the official hunting license for the 2007-2008 California hunting season for resident, non-resident, junior and disabled licenses, the first time all four types of licenses will be identical in design.

Kevin's story is an interesting one. Kevin is a self-taught artist, who was always more interested in fishing and hunting than in drawing or painting. Following a debilitating injury while working as a heavy equipment operator, he found himself unable to return to construction work and facing a long road of rehabilitative therapy. It was during the six years of extensive therapy that Kevin began teaching himself how to draw and paint.

Not knowing anything about art except what he liked to collect, he began working in watercolor because he thought that would be the easiest to work with. Kevin began producing images for fishing tournaments and very rapidly earned a reputation as a very detailed painter of marine game fish. He began to branch out into freshwater fish and learned to also paint fishing scenes. Today Kevin is known for his marine fish, fresh water fish fly fishing scenes, birds of all types, and North American big game.

For information regarding California's Hunting License please contact:

Lorna Bernard
Information Officer
California Department of Fish and Game
Phone (916) 653-0991 \ Fax (916) 653-1856

For more information about Kevin Pack or to view his art you can visit his website at or contact him directly at :
Kevin Pack
K. E. Pack Watercolors and Framing
Phone (760) 787-9341 \ Fax (760) 788-6450

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