I have now had all my surgeries and rehab. It turns out I was more seriously injured than what the CT scans and X-Rays showed, the delay in getting the surgery because of how insurance companies work and what was originally diagnosed have also led to some issues in my healing.

I had to have had my left shoulder partially rebuilt, and my shoulder tendon relocated, that damage combined with the neck damage left my left side weak and I am still struggling to get all my fine motor skills and strength back, I have spent over a half a year in physical therapy and there may be more.

The next surgery was to fuse vertebrae in my neck. This has helped but also hurt; I am still dealing with a loss of sensation in my hand, weakness in my shoulders, severe pain in my neck and I am still seeing the specialist regarding all the issues. I can only paint about 3 hours a day before I am sidelined with excruciating pain in both my neck and shoulders which lead to control issues and having a hard time trying to concentrate. This is actually better than where I was 2-3 months ago where I could not paint or frame at all. I am working on Commission pieces to try and get those out, but I am proceeding at a much slower pace than I projected based on what the medical experts had given me.

Given the pace that I am able to work at right now and the anticipated future medical treatments that appear more and more likely, I will probably not have a 2019 show season. Please accept my sincerest apologies for that; I really thought and was lead to believe that by this point in time I would be back to, if not full health very close to it. Many of you have sent your prayers and best wishes and you cannot understand how much I appreciate them. It has helped buoy me through some very tough and trying times.



Sincerely, Kevin